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Theory Industry crafts bespoke digital marketing strategies for each client, utilizing our creativity and out of the box solutions to tell the story of your brand.


Our team works closely with clients to provide result-driven campaigns and creative solutions in your brand’s authentic voice, engaging customers, building communities, establishing trust, and increasing brand equity.


We service clients in a variety of capacities according to their specific goals and needs, from strategy and consulting, to acting as an outsourced marketing department, to branding, training workshops, social media management, and content creation.



Marketing Consulting // Strategy

Offsite Marketing Department

Training // Workshops

Content Creation // Video Marketing


Social Media Management

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We work closely with companies and organizations to create and guide the implementation of bespoke marketing strategies.


Companies have unfettered access to our brain-trust and skillset, and utilize our expertise in consumer behavior, marketing trends, and improving business opportunities to achieve defined and measurable objectives.


We quickly and accurately assess the unique internal and external elements affecting the business, then identify the company’s target market, positioning their product or service offering in a way that will capture consumers’ attention and influence them to buy.



With Theory Industry, you get the services of a team of experts in digital marketing who will research, create and implement marketing strategies that work.


Having worked with many clients in many different industries with a vast array of products and services we have a fresh perspective along with creative solutions for your marketing campaigns.


As a well-oiled machine, we have a robust process that enables us to move fast on your behalf. Our flexibility provides your company with the ability to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing business environment. Tasking us with the responsibility for implementing your company’s marketing strategy leaves the senior management team free to focus on its core competencies.


We understand how to gather and interpret important data from your customers and also from your business.  We strive to constantly prove ROI by delivering on proposed end goals.  We are committed to, continually optimizing your strategy for best results.

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Our team of digital marketing experts hold in-person and virtual training workshops to teach your in-house employees how to become more effective marketers and communicators.


We develop a bespoke syllabus geared towards your unique business needs, covering all areas of digital marketing, social media, online advertising, branding, and content creation. We empower your employees by giving them the knowledge, tools, and executable tactics which allows your company to compete in an ever-changing marketplace.

We teach your team on the latest consumer trends, technology, customized marketing strategies, the psychology of marketing to potential clients online, and how to effectively apply these elements to your business.


We keep your team sharp, advance their skills and knowledge base, and teach them how to adapt in an uncertain economic world. Our strategies and methods are developed, tested, and proven in our own R&D lab. Give your company a competitive advantage by supercharging your teams with our comprehensive training workshops.

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Brands have to create personal relationships through energetic and relevant storytelling, effective content strategy & content creation to engage and connect with their audience.


One of the most meaningful gains you make when outsourcing content creation is the ability

to leverage the knowledge and expertise of a trusted production company.  Content creation, specifically video, is the most important element to any social media and marketing campaign. Because of this, we create branded video content that is truly representative of your identity.


Theory Industry will ensure that it is an extension of your brand and will be innovative and flexible enough to boost your marketing efforts—an essential part of the growth of any business in this day and age. We marry big ideas to tactical approaches that align with our clients’ individual needs, goals, and audiences. 


Creativity and originality offer a major competitive advantage for a business, positioning your brand to stand out from the crowd. We have the production resources, stable of talent, and technology to consistently produce custom tailored video content relevant to your marketing strategy, propelling your brand to new heights. We are passionate about content, and your success.

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We help clients create a core brand strategy, while crafting clear, consistent, and memorable marketing messages.  Brand identity should reflect who you are and have just the right mix of emotion and logic to appeal to your target markets.


Theory Industry provides invaluable counsel, guiding clients through the complicated process of identifying the central focus of what the business stands for, something that must happen before executing any other branding strategies.


We first learn about every aspect of the company – management, processes, goals, and philosophies – so that we can help develop, define, and articulate the brand across all platforms.


Think of your brand strategy as your company’s true core: its look and feel, its voice and values. We then take this research and translate it into viable marketing materials, custom designed for each client’s unique needs.  



As an agency we speak the lifeblood of your brand to potential customers on social media. We do this through storytelling. Stories paint pictures in customers’ minds and evoke emotions that foster trust and credibility for your brand.


We focus on partnering for the growth of your business. Each member of our team learns the ins and outs of your business, your goals and objectives.


In that way our work reflects the soul of your brand while providing results tailored to your business’s specific needs. We deliver on a custom designed social strategy, ever increasing brand equity.


Our agency will be responsible for strategic development, guidance, and execution of all social strategy, content creation, and campaigns to increase brand awareness, visibility, community, engagement, reputation, customer care, and traffic. 

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Theory Industry’s extensive list of service offerings covers the entire spectrum of digital marketing from website creation, SEO, social media management, email marketing, graphic design, videography, micro-content creation, and digital ad buying.

We specialize in creating packages of services for our clients to achieve their business objectives. Each service is an important part of the machine that works around the clock to build our clients’ brands.

Our services can also be utilized as one-off projects or campaigns. To view a cross-section of our service offerings, please click on the link below.

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