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Theory Industry

Theory Industry is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency located in New York City. We focus on content creation, video marketing,

branding and identity, and social media management.

Theory's marketing strategies revolve around storytelling. We help companies tell the story of their brands in engaging and entertaining ways in their own voice.

We develop bespoke strategies based on our clients’ unique needs, and then execute those plans with efficiency, quality, and speed.

Our team of expert content creators, artists, writers, producers, and content creators works together to deliver customized marketing solutions for our clients. Our team stays on the leading edge of consumer trends, culture, web developments, and creativity.

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$73 Million+ in increased

client revenue


54 million+ online views


1.5 Billion impressions


Celebrity Endorsements


A-list international film festival awards


Features in major

magazine publications


National television appearances


Academy Awards shortlisted

Our Process

Step 1

Goals + Dreams

This is the first step in executing an effective marketing strategy. We take a macro level perspective for analyzing challenges, obstacles, issues, and desired goals in order to create the most effective plan of action to move forward.

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Step 4


We constantly evaluate the analytics from our processes to measure the effectiveness of our efforts. We are data nerds, and use these numbers to inform our efforts, allowing our
strategies to be even more powerful.

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Step 2


We utilize our vast experience, industry know how, research capabilities, connections, and technology to create a comprehensive blue print for your success. We identify an executable plan to achieve your dreams.

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Step 5

Continue Climbing

We are invested in your long
term success. Through our processes of continuous problem solving, strategy development, execution, and
program evaluation, we create a powerful machine to continuously meet the goals of our clients.

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Step 3


This is where the rubber meets the road. We dive into the trenches, working to translate your plan of action into reality. Your dreams are realized
through our creativity, experience, and technological know how.